Online ordering system features that help you keep selling food during the COVID-19 pandemic
Online ordering system Take Aways Online

Experiencing fewer walk-in customers? Your next order could be just around the corner

Have you considered delivering within a few blocks around your restaurant to pick up business?

The system would allow you to set very granular, even tiny delivery zones, just to help you get started.

Start using our food ordering system, and activate the delivery module straight from the admin panel.

Delivery is booming, but you’re short on staff? How about talking with your front of house staff to try it?

No-contact Delivery & Minimum Exposure Pickup Options

As the Coronavirus pandemic escalates, customers want to drastically reduce their exposure to the outside world.

Enabling no-contact deliveries & minimum exposure pickups is a great way to keep everyone safe from the epidemic.

Eliminate Cash Through Online Payments

As experts fear that cash could spread the coronavirus, the need for electronic payments amplifies.

Stay ahead of the game by enabling your customers to pay online by card or on delivery.

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Accepting cashless payments? Disinfecting everything hourly? Why don't you say so?!

The announcement banner is hands-down the best way to let people know that…

  • they can pay by card 
  • or how obsessed you are about cleaning

The easier it is to spot it, the more people will be drawn to your cashless payment options, or your clean packaging, especially amid the epidemic.

Reassure customers about food safety by adding a Health section on your website

Use our Health section to convert more website visitors into food clients.

The section easily enables you to convey anything you deem important about your safety practices.

Don’t be shy about it, put all the gory details that you thought through in order to deliver food safely and clean.

The more transparent you are about your COVID-19 safety practices, the more people will trust you & re-order from you.

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